To Rahma for Special Needs

Our goals and all operational pathways are to increase the PWD empowerment, productivity and the effectiveness in more equitable systems in our society.

All programs are built on and inspired by our strategic plan who mentioned in its vision to lead special education, rehabilitation and integrate children to make a difference. RSN is committed to promote achievement of children with disabilities through services, activities and social engagement. We monitor and measure our progress through our specific KPIs in each department, on a monthly and annual basis, and we expect that over time our strategic goals and objectives will be achieved with quality.



RSN is committed to promoting achievement for children with special needs through education, rehabilitation, and social training to enable them to reach their full potential and offer support to their families & society.


Leading in Special Education, Rehabilitation & Integrating Children to make a Difference.


Our Values lie in mastering education, rehabilitation and Social Engagement.

Furthermore, our values are to manage our projects through a high standards methodology in order to achieve our plan with quality and sustainability.

Our values are to Monitor and evaluate our improvement through specific performance indicators, and we expect that we will achieve all targeted aim with beneficiary’s satisfactions.


Professionally mesh enterprise wide imperatives without world class paradigms.Dynamically deliver ubiquitous leadership awesome skills.

The Rahma Medical Center (Lebanon), promoting community participation and awareness of child protection, main pillars of its projects with UNICEF and LHF | OCHA that aim to provide integrated education, rehabilitation and protection services for children with disabilities, has created adhesive labels with the 10 principles of the Decalogue to share with more than 3,500 students from 15 different public schools. It is a set of 10 labels coinciding with the 10 Principles for note books, where students can write their name and the determined subject.

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Special Envoy UN-SG

Disability Accessibility Special Envoy UN-SG

Visiting this morning with LHF Lebanon donors Al Rahma Medical Center in Tripoli. Impressed by the quality of services provided to the most vulnerable disabled children.

Mr. Philippe Lazzarini

Deputy UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon

“Rahma, a school and hospital for children with special needs just outside Tripoli, is private and a state-of-the-art facility. Founded by a family in 1985 it boasts facilities like an “Interactive Hall” with an interactive floor and table, with images which magically respond to the students’ touch, funded by a donation from a Gulf state.On the day I visit, a massive load of snow has been delivered to form a mountain in the school play-ground and sahlab, a traditional sweet milk drink, is being served to all. Those who are able are running up and down the mountain and pelting each other with snow-balls to the tune of ‘Let it Go!’ from Frozen. Some can only watch from wheelchairs.

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Victoria White

Journalist at the Irish Examiner

The Centre implemented our project in a professional and timely manner. The Centre respected the Embassy’s terms and conditions and met the deadlines for completion of the project and submission of the financial report s and end-of-project report.

Australian Embassy

The Rahma Medical Center is trusted partner of UNICEF and has consistently delivered as per expectations. UNICEF recognizes, however, that the current need for children with disability in Lebanon – Especially those affected by the Syrian Crisis- goes far beyond what explore other funding opportunities to expand on its work.

United National Children’s Fund (UNICEF)

I have the pleasure to express to you my sincere thanks and those of Mrs. Maria Soledad Cisternas, Special Envoy of the Secretary General of United Nations on Disability and Accessibility for the interesting and informative visit of Rahma Medical Center, Tripoli. We appreciate your time and all the explanation about the marvelous work of your esteemed Institution. I would like to reiterate my appreciation and avail myselef of this opportunity to renew to you the assurances of my high consideration.

Mrs. Marta Chalhub

Chile Ambassador – Beirut