The admission Department is the second office you will visit after the reception.

our office will guide you to the perfect way to register your child at Rahma for special needs.

The Admissions Office welcomes you daily from 8:00 am till 04:00 pm  from Monday to Friday and from 8:00 to 1:00 on Saturday.

The Admissions office relies on the assessment of the Ministry of Social Affairs in order to place students. Children undergo a full educational, psychological and therapeutic assessment by Human Services, in order to know their case in addition to his/her educational and therapeutic needs.

The office welcomes all students at the expense of the Ministry of Social Affairs, as per the last agreement and according to the quantity specified for each Disability category.

There are 3 conditions to accept students whose expenses are covered by the Ministry of Social Affairs:

>> The educational committee should approve on the file.

>>The parents should obtain a needed document from the Ministry of Social Affairs.

>>There should be an available place in the category where the student was classified in Rahma Institute.

The Institute welcomes students who cover their expense as per the schedules agreed upon by the General Manager of each section.

The Admission Office communicates directly with the parents regarding:

>>New registration

>>Coordinate with the Accounting Department in order to know the financial situation of all students and when issuing certificates.

>>Coordinate with the educational,social and rehabilitation department in order to follow-up on the student’s condition