Our Infrastructure

Academic Classes: which are divided into three floors, each class contains maximum of 10 to 12 student cases. The classes have advanced and adjusted tools and equipment’s that suit students in all accessibilities such as tables of adjustable height, television, adjustable chairs, etc…Additional to central air conditioning, central fire extinguishing systems and safe infrastructures.

  • Dark Room: which includes tools and equipment that help the student to relax and decrease the rate of emotional and behavioral disorders in addition to helping him/her with hand-eye coordination.
  • The Library: we are working on equipping the library with books and important references so that it welcomes in a later stage, school and university students and provide them with the necessary information for their researches.
  • Friends gathering place: is a small room used for multiple purposes (coordination of meetings between groups, administrative meetings, meetings with guests, friends and colleagues, kitchen classes and housekeeping for students, training and practical sessions which are a refuge for the educational team during the break and the relaxation time.
  • Soft Play Room: which includes many external games that help the student to release his energy and enjoy his time in addition to training his movements and body.
  • The Theater: which includes around 120 chairs and where celebrations, parties and special activities take place in addition to conferences and training sessions.
  • Sensory Room: which includes rich and advanced educational materials that help students to develop their sensory potentials and capacities on all levels such as audible, ocular and touch.
  • It is to be noted that the building includes many therapeutic rooms for specialists (psychological, speech, language, doctors, therapists, social guidance specialists, administrative offices such as admission office and activities department in addition to the information desk)

The Capacity Development Center

  • Educational Classes: which are students’ classes equipped with the latest technologies such as interactive board that works on developing the level of interaction and communication with the student through colors, voices, gestures and eliminates the routine and boredom factor in addition to enhancing the excitement and the desire to learn. Moreover, it helps in using delicate fingers movement especially with students who suffer from Cerebral Palsy as it is hard for them to use their fingers to hold papers and other traditional materials because of the cramps they suffer from. This is what the small board tools work on.
  • Play Area: which includes equipment used in sensory-motion treatment and some physical tools that help in developing physical skills among students.
  • Artwork Area: which is equipped with the latest sensory tools that help students to develop their sensory abilities and use their delicate movements.
  • Interactive Table: which works on both educational and entertaining levels as it might be a way to implement the acquired goals in an extraordinary way or an entertaining way that develop the student’s teamwork and sportsmanship.
  • Interactive Room: which includes many tools and is divided into many rooms:
  • Music Therapy: which helps students to relax through music or to interact and release their energy.
  • 3D Cinema: which aims at giving the student some time to enjoy and relax, away from the educational atmosphere through amusing movies.
  • Interactive Floor: In addition to its entertaining and interactive role, it is a tool that emulates the needs of the students who suffer from cerebral palsy whereas they can play on it with their hands or legs by walking or sleeping.
  • It is to be noted that there is a conference room for the educational team and administrative office. Furthermore, the office is architecturally equipped with adjustments that help students to move easily and satisfy their essential needs.
  • An external garden separates the institute from the center, and includes chairs and tables in addition to green relaxing spaces.